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Tyran Lee Ingram

Click the images to listen to gospel singer
Tyran Lee Ingram latest singles.

 I Will Praise The Lord
I will praise the lord tyran.jpg
"Thank The Lord"
Thank The Lord Tyran.jpg
"It Aint Nothing Without God"
It aint nithing with out god tyran.jpg


Tyran Lee Ingram is representing the Dominican culture as well as displaying his wonderful singing ability by creating music that praises God. His sound is so authentic and  humbling that you will be sure to live his music. All you Gospel music lovers out there get ready to ad some new singles to your playlist , such as "Thank The Lord",  "It Aint Nothin Without God" & "I Will Praise The Lord" which are some of the latest singles by Tyran Lee Ingram. Click the images above to check them out!

Contact Info

For booking information call (404)528-0630 or email us at

Follow Tyran Lee Ingram on Intsagram at @dominicanguy829

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