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Get your music played on 5,600 radio stations around the world!



Digital Single (1 Song) $300 USD 
E.P. (2 - 5 Songs) $500 USD
(Complete Album) $700

Once payment is completed we will submit your music to over 5,600 radio stations world wide. To receive a listing of the radio stations we submit to before purchasing please request a radio listing by email to as well as send all files, meta data and cover art. Once the request is received we will immediately forward the radio listing of all 5,600 stations from around the world to your email address. Once the payment is complete and all files are sent we will also immediately begin the radio submission procee. Keep in mind this process may take up to 24 hours to complete. All information pertaining to your radio submission will be forwarded immediately upon completion. Feel free to call us at (404)528-0630 if you have any further inquries.

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