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Marketing Meetings and Studio Time Booking

To book a meeting with an A&R or schedule a conference with a marketing team representative at our office locations or via phone give us a call at (404)528-0630.
All payments must be completed below before any consultation meeting or conference shall begin. Give us a call to book studio time we will send a invoice based off of our $40.00 hourly rate.

* We will successfully spearhead campaigns on social media platforms including Facebook, twitter and Instagram

* We will manage and execute marketing strategies and promotion tactics

* We will supply content and themes for post

* We Will Schedule and Maintain post and updates for all pages

*We will provide schedule live stream post

*We will generate SEO traffic to your music links to stimulate streams that directly reflect in your royalty payout

*We will submit your music to over 3,000 blogs with over 2 million music lovers in your genre 


*We will submit your music to over 5,600 FM, college and online radio station.

*We will shop you and your brand for endorsements as well as features with other artist.

*You will be placed on the bill for openings acts and paid shows.

*You will also be placed on our next promo tour list

Click the Buy Now button to complete the payment for your scheduled consultation or marketing meeting. ( Meetings include the distribution of 1 single )
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