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To participate in this exclusive contest you must first pay the $10 dollar registration fee by clicking the Paypal button below. Next you must download the beat of the week listed below and record a 16 bar video to the beat of the week once completed, send your video to and we will upload your video to our website and youtube channel and have the public select the winner of the contest. Nevertheless all participants videos will be uploaded so everyone may recieve maximum exposure. The winner will recieve $100 cash prize and FREE distribution of any single you choose. We will post the new winner on all our social media as well as our website every 2 weeks. The Mega Mayhem Contest Will begin FEB 1, 2018. Good luck! If you have any questions in regard to this contest feel free to email us from the contact page or call us at the number listed above.


Produced by Marcus Boyd

Unknown Track - Unknown Artist
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Prentis P

WINNER - Ally Da Don

Skinny Marley

Your Video 

Your Video

Your Video

Your Video

Attention: Their must be at least 15 contest participants in order to be elegible for the cash prize.

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