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Give Us Some Background Info As To Who You Are.

Well I am a Hip-Hop artist and my name is Corey Chalmers and I go by the stage name of Charm’s. I was born and raised in Queens New York. I lived in all boroughs of NY except for Staten Island. I have been featured in Ozone Magazine, Floss Magazine 4x, Rapfanatic Magazine, Drahma Magazine, GinTv Dvd, Sex Cameras And Hip Hop Dvd, Franchise Record Pool, Blood Of A Champion Movie and a lot more stuff to come.

What Is The Significance Of Your Name?

I got the name Charm’s in Public School when teachers and friends used to mispronounce my last name all the time so they would call me Charm’s for short.

Who is your target market?

Well when I was living in Washington Heights a lot of spanish dudes were buying my cd’s because they were learning English for the first time. In Harlem it was mostly African Americans females. In Atlantic City it was mostly White fans. So, my market is diverse. But, I primarily make music for fun loving Hip Hop fans ages 13 to 35.

What is your USP?

(Unique Selling Proposition) and what sets you apart from other aspiring artists?

My voice sets me apart. My eyes, my smile and of course my lyrics set me apart as well. I real and geniune. My music touches people and makes them want to have fun. Also, I like to tell stories and I choose beats that fit my personality and style.

What single or project are you currently pushing?

Presently I’m pushing my single called “Kiss The Girls.” This song is for ladies. The feedback has been great. The song received over 6000 total plays on Yo which is the #1 Urban Magazine in Europe.

What Is The Philosophy By Which You Live By?

My philosophy is Give it your best or give it up. You have to go hard or go home.

Which Artists Have Inspired You?

I was inspired by LL Cool J, Nas, Jay-Z, Biggie Smalls and of course Tupac. In addition, I was influenced by Bobby Brown and Michael Jackson.

Who Does Your Production?

My production is done by such producers as Ova Dose, Apple Juice Kid, Moezarht and Dave Deberry.

What Is Your Opinion Of The Current State of the music industry?

Everybody is doing the same type of videos and the same type of songs. It gets boring real quickly. But my energy will fill that void. My creativity is enormous.

If You Can Change One Thing About The Music Industry What Would It Be And Why?

If I could change one thing, I would bring back the brick and mortar record stores. I would have more albums being sold in big retail stores and mom and pop stores would still be selling mixtapes and DVDs, just like it was in the late 90’s and early 2000’s.

Are There Any Singers That You Would Like To Collaborate With In The Future?

I would absolutely love to work with Nicki Minaj (She’s a beast). Kanye West is a genius and Kelly Rowland is adorable. I could see myself and Kelly Rowland making a love song together on my first album.

What Producer Would You Like To Collaborate With In The Future?

I would like to work with Swizz Beatz and eventually Kanye West. I would like to collab with Eminem because of his track record as a producer and Dr.Dre because he is a legend. And finally I look forward to one day working with Diddy, because musically and fashion wise we have the same style.

What Is Your Favorite Movie And Favorite Book?

My favorite movie would have to be “Finding Nemo.” I don’t read books much but I would have to say the Daily News. It is real and it let’s me know what is going on through out the city.

What Are Some Major Misconceptions That You Think People Have Of You?

Some ladies think that I’m conceited, a player and spoiled. But, I keep it 100 with everybody.

What Is Your Favorite Part Of Your Live Show? How Has It Evolved?

My favorite part is right at the beginning right before I speak. I love the adrenaline rush before a show. My stage show has evolved in that I do more movements across the stage and interact with the audience more.


What Is Your Lp Going To Be Like?

It will be Crazy Yo !!! It will be exciting and memorable. Let’s just say my album is Grammy Award winning material.

What is your website?

Yes, my website is

Any Final Words For The People.

Stay Positive. Stay Humble. Stay Driven.


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