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Bougie Troubl3 is an up-and-coming rapper from the east side of Indianapolis, Indiana, grew up in BrightWood, also known as 7 mob. Her childhood was marked by summers spent with her grandparents at King Islands, which were highlights of her early years. As a teenager, she faced hardship as a young mother and felt the pull of joining a gang, but a violent incident made her realize she did not want that life. At 17, Bougie set her sights on becoming a nurse and a writer, and she is actively pursuing one of those goals today.


Describing her music with one word is tricky because Bougie Troubl3 is so creative and unpredictable. However, her ultimate goal in the music industry is to create blessings for her people and let everyone know who she is. She balances her career with her family life through communication and prayer.


Bougie Troub3's influences include Aaliyah, 2Pac, Master P, Young Dolph, Too Short, 8Ball&MJG, Mc Lyte, Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne, and Boosie. She has collaborated with producers such as E-Dot, Blakk aka Double Aries, and DJ Brad aka the slab God. 808 Tunegroonz and G Labo have also been an integral part of her journey.


Her singles include Smack, which is gaining traction and No Skip, the name of her upcoming EP.


When it comes to the music industry, Bougie Troubl3 believes that the downfall of most artists is money. To her, loyalty is more important than blood. She has experienced hurt, most notably when her nana passed away from cancer. However, she continues to persevere and is grateful for her family, team, and those who support her.

Thanks to the Start of my career to these individuals for their hand in my growth. We must not forget them that started out with us in our beginnings. Whether they are still around or not, I must give homage to them for there hand in my success . All Access Jay (Jay Harris) for putting in locations to help grow my music including 808 Tunegroonz and G LaBeaud for the Support and Time on the Beats and studio love. Aisha Latrice Smith for placing me in Big Rooms and Supporting my Dream. Mz. Chay Butta for Being her and Placing my Music on her Platforms, Skyy Beatz and KP.

Huge Love and Kisses to Jason Stokes At Mega Music Business Institute For Everything to the Moon and back. 


To contact Bougie Troubl3, find her on all platforms as BougieTroubl3. For bookings contact Kavon Hill (

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