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Artwork Guidelines

The digital stores artwork guidelines do not allow the attributes listed below:

  • Website URL

  • Social network symbols or information (i.e., Facebook links, Twitter handles, etc).

  • Contact information (i.e., email addresses, phone number).

  • Pornographic images

  • Pricing information

  • Copyrighted images

  • Scan of a CD (it must be retail-ready artwork).

  • UPC barcodes

  • Tribute albums where the original artist name is as large as or larger than the performing artist

  • The cover art refers to physical or digital versions of the album (i.e., CD, Disc, Digital Exclusive, Digital Version, etc).

  • The cover image is blurry, pixilated or has other quality issues

  • The cover art promises content that the album doesn't contain (i.e., "includes DVD", "includes free stickers", etc).

  • The cover art up-sells to another product (i.e., merch, other albums by same artist, etc).

  • The cover art claims to be an exclusive of one of the digital stores without their permission (i.e., iTunes™ Exclusive, Only on Amazon MP3, etc).

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